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Jesus calls us to a life of service, generosity, and commitment. And this happy obligation within the context of a local church is what we call – PARTNERship.

PARTNERSHIP is not about privilege or prestige. It is not some elevated level of access with secret insider benefits. It is not a legal document or means of control. It is an affirmation to contribute to the good of VANIER Bikers Church rather than consume from it. It is an obligation to sacrificially seek the good of others, in this church, by taking a ‘you can count on me’ step.

If you want to be part of all God is doing at VANIER Bikers Church, we invite you to become a PARTNER by attending KickStart.

KickStart is made up of four steps, and during step two you will have the chance to join the church. In step two, we share the story of our church, our purpose, and our structure as well as how you can get connected and begin making a difference.

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