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What an opportunity before us!  After a time of prayer and asking some simple questions during a staff meeting, one being, "how much is left on our mortgage"?  $297k was the answer.  Imagine what could happen if by 2025 when our mortgage is up for renewal that we could pay it off.  What a NEW BEGINNING for us as a church.

So we brought it to the people with a challenge to "GIVE IT UP". What could they give up in order to be part of a NEW BEGINNING.  

Envelopes are available at the cafe for you to take.  Here is the amazing thing, if we got 250 people to give an extra $888 between now and August 2025, we will be mortgage free.

What does that mean for us as a church?  It will free up over 67k a year for us to reach more, serve more, feed more, and clothe more people.

Would you consider being part of helping Bikers Church with a NEW BEGINNING?

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